Life in France

Practical advice and fun reflections on life in France.

 Greetings in France: a guide to avoiding awkward situations 

Author: Reem B.
Every country has its own etiquette when it comes to meeting and greeting people. It's often actually one of the first things foreigners ask about when moving to a new country. We all care about making a good first impression, respecting the local culture and just generally being polite. Read more

 How much do you tip in France? 

Author: Reem B.
Dining in French restaurants, regardless of whether or not you have opted for French cuisine, is always an enjoyable experience. With their 'formules' that are always a cheaper option than ordering a single dish 'à la carte', you are guaranteed to leave the restaurant fully satisfied, yet not overly full. The portions of 'entrées', main courses and desserts are perfectly sized and go wonderfully with a glass of wine. If you have chosen well and avoided tourist-aimed restaurants that often have sky-high prices and disgruntled staff, you will have also probably enjoyed some friendly, fast service. Read more

 Enjoy France on a budget! 

Author: Isabel Orange
It's hard to believe that only a decade ago France was a budget holiday destination. At the moment, the cost of living makes it hard to get by on any budget at all! Having lived here for a while now though, I'm getting used to finding ways of keeping costs down. It's possible to have a good time on a tight budget if you know where to look. Here are a few pieces of advice people have given me since I arrived in France, I have found them useful, I hope you do too! Read more