Life in France

Practical advice and fun reflections on life in France.

 The Secrets of French Style 

Author: I.Beckett
Now that Paris Fashion Week has become a distant memory and the new autumn/winter season is well and truly underway, we turn our attention to the stylish people strolling confidently down the chic French boulevards and wonder to ourselves: what is their secret? Why are French women considered the most fashionable in the world? Read more

 Best Coffee Shops in Franglish Cities 

Author: B. James
Everyone loves a good cup of coffee and everyone loves a good coffee shop. We have put together a list of the best places in franglish cities to get your caffeine fix. Read more

 Teaching English in France 

Author: B.James
Teaching English as a foreign language can be an immensely rewarding opportunity. As an obvious next step for graduates, or those with a touch of wanderlust, teaching abroad could allow you to explore a new country and culture on a budget. Spending an extended period of time abroad is a great way to learn valuable skills, a new language and become fully immersed in a new experience. Read more

 Spine chilling places to visit in France for Halloween! 

Author: Emma Ly
From the sixteenth century prophet who predicted the end of the world, to Jim Morrison's ghost in Paris, here are some alternative things to see in France for the fearless ones amongst you! Read more

 Franglish Lyon Metro Bar Map 

Author: Emma Ly
Check out our map guide to the city's top drinking spots, from Irish pubs to swanky clubs. By replacing each metro station with the best bar within a short walking distance, your night out has never been easier to plan! Read more