Language Tips

Useful tips to help you on your journey towards fluency.

 Franglish's Learning French through Music Playlist 

Author: Emma Ly
Throw away your dictionaries and put on your headphones ! Listening and singing to French music will help you speak fluently in no time. Read more

 Untranslatable French 

Author: Camilla Freeman
Being able to recite your verb tables backwards is all very well and good, but it’s those mind-boggling idioms and expressions that are the key to speaking French like a native. Unfortunately, very few idiomatic expressions can be directly translated, you simply have to knuckle down and learn them by heart. On the bright side however, most of these expressions seem so bizarre that you are unlikely to forget them in a hurry! Here is a list of Franglish's favourites. Read more

 Daily French Slang that Just Might Throw You Off Guard 

Author: Reem B.
When you are learning a language through a course of lessons, especially when your teacher is a non native speaker, you often end up sounding like a textbook when you put your knowledge into practice and speak to actual natives. Unfortunately, this is more so the case in French than in other languages. As if French in its ''correct'', traditional form wasn't challenging enough to learn already, colloquial French involves a substantial amount of slang words, or argot, that can very easily throw you off guard or even sound like a different language altogether. Read more

 Innocent Expat Mistakes that Come Out Really, Really Wrong 

Author: Reem B.
When you communicate in a language that is not your own, you are bound to make mistakes. In fact, mistakes are the best way to learn the correct way of saying things. Sometimes we avoid asking how to say something completely, choosing instead to go for what we think it might be by translating from our native language as, more often than not, it is actually correct. If it isn't, the person with whom we are speaking usually responds with a little giggle and a correction which we then make an effort to remember. Read more

 Faux Amis 

Author: Isabel Orange
The good thing about learning French/English is that the two languages share hundreds of words, especially in modern language with shared words like 'weekend' and 'film' which make it easier for French or English speakers to quickly expand their vocabulary in the other language (or if in doubt to use a little guesswork!) However, the only problem posed by this large number of cognates is that just sometimes they are false and they catch us out! Read more