Franglish's Learning French through Music Playlist Number 2 - The Nineties to Now!

We know you loved our first music playlist, so now we're going to treat you to another!  We've chosen a list of some quality nineties classics to unmissable songs of today's French music scene. Why did we choose music from the nineties onwards ? Well, for the last two decades, English speaking songs seem to be overtaking the music charts, and many top French talents now sing in English to gain international recognition!   As I was searching for 'meilleurs chansons de l'année...' online, the top songs of each year were dissapointingly, American/ English songs. So, we've created a little selection of awesome French songs to save you the search! 


Louise Attaque  Léa ,1997

This nineties band came on the music scene as inconnus in 1997 , and managed to have the best selling rock album of all time with their first album ! We love listening to this song on repeat, but can't help but wonder who Léa is every single time!


Saez Jeune et Con, 1999 

Damien Saez's first song Jeune et Con in 1999 was an instant hit. His poetic and politically charged songs about modern society are inspired by Belgium's finest singer, Jacques Brel, and his rock style by Noir Désir.



Noir Désir Le Vent Nous Portera, 2001

These Bordeaux rockers were considered one of the best French rock bands of the eighties and nineties, with Le Vent Nous Portera being their big comeback song in 2001. The song is a lot softer than their original rock style, with famous folk musician Manu Chao playing the guitar.



Renaud and Axelle Red Kaboul Manhattan, 2002

Renaud, one of France's most successful singers with over 20 million records sold throughout his career, and celebrated Belgian songstress Axelle Red released this beautiful song in the wake of the September 11th Twin towers attack, and the Second War in Afghanistan. The song speaks volumes about the innocent people involved in modern day countries at war. Read the lyrics carefully !




Soprano and Blacko Ferme les Yeux et Imagine Toi , 2007

French rap is often poetic and meaningful, with this song being a great example. Rappers Soprano and Blacko sing about global poverty and encourage listeners to think about the life of the less unfortunate. Deep stuff.



Benjamin Biolay La Superbe 2009

It seems to be very rare that contemporary French singers reach classic status, but this orchestral masterpiece from the multi-talented composer, singer songwriter Benjamin Biolay succeeded.



Julien Doré Paris Seychelles,  2013

Singer, songwriter and actor, Julien, a past winner of Nouvelle Star, is one of the finest acts on the French music scene today. Not many winners from music talent shows manage to establishing an enduring musical career, but Julien just gets better and better. Many of his songs are sung both in French and English, or 'franglish' shall we say.



Adrien Gallo Monkini 2014

Listening to Gallo's sultry song Monkini would make you think you were listening to the radio in the Sixties ! But no, it's the former BB Brunes frontman Adrien Gallo blessing our ears with fresh old school inspired vibes.



Christine and the Queens Saint Claude, 2014

Christine is the rising star of the French scene right now ! Whilst most famous French filles go for irritatingly chic and dainty, Christine stands out from the crowd with her edgy, adrodgynous style. How refreshing ! We absolutely love her Michael Jackson inspired moves.