Franglish's Guilty Pleasure Playlist

I was inspired to write this playlist after being at a French party where everyone was belting out these 'chansons de l'époque' that I had never heard before. For you non Frenchies, iff you ever find yourself in the same awkward position, here is how to be prepared. Chances are, atleast a few of these will be blasted during the night !

And for you French readers, maybe this will bring out a bit of nostalgie amongst some of you, or if you don't know them, maybe you can now add them to your secret iTunes playlist. As with all guilty pleasure songs, these are fun, enjoyably cheesy hits that will be sure to stick in your head!


Alizée- Moi Lolita

Rediculously cringey and oh so catchy , Alizée's hit sums up cheesy French pop completely! This song caught on thoughout the globe when it first hit the radio, especially in South America for some reason! Crop tops, sequinned hot pants à la Kylie Minogue, disco beats and flourescent lights in a discothèque, this song will bring you right back to the year 2000.


Please let us know if you understand what on earth is going on in this video !


Vanessa Paradis- Joe Le Taxi

Here's another young singing starlet that shot to international fame with her first song. Vanessa Paradis first hit the radio, and television screen in her baggy orange jumper and jeans combo at the sweet age of fourteen. Her voice is charming and the lyrics about a taxi driver are innocent and 'clean', unlike many young chanteuses of the pop scene today. It's not the ultimate plaisir coupable, butI'd still be judged if this could be heard through my headphones in the metro.



Image- Le Demon de Minuit

If I'm being completely honest with you, I do not know why this song gets everyone at a party dancing..I guess it's because I'm a Brit who was born after the era of kitsch, flourescent boogy nights in the Eighties.  But apparently, this song will get even the hippest Parisians shaking their stuff on the dance-floor. If you're French, thirty or above, I'm sure you're smiling right now, thinking, "ahh ouiii ça c'était l'époque!"  



Cheb Khaled-  Aicha

This terribly cheesy love ballad is sung by the famous Algerian French singer Khaled and loved by all, myself included. Luckily, everything sounds better in French, but if this song was translated into English, it may be a different story. Actually, the American group Outlandish did make an awesome cover out of this song, but obviously, the lyrics were changed. «Aicha, aaaaa-icha, écoute-moi ! »



France Gall- Ella Elle L'a

This is admittedly my personal favourite guilty pleasure. France Gall, was a pop star who stayed in the limelight from the Sixties to Eighties. The former Eurovision contestant is most known for this ultra girly tune, Ella Elle L'a. I can't help but think of masses of girls with fluffy perms and padded shoulder blades rocking out to this. This classic hit has been remade by countless songstresses, but as always, nothing beats the original. 



Yannick- Ces Soirées Là

For all of you English readers, I'll end with a song you'll be half familiar with! Ces Soirées-là is French rap star Yannick's remake of Four Season's 'December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) , after of course, Claude François' 'Cette année là' in the Seventies. This song is one of France's best ever selling hits and which now can only be acceptable to sing aloud towards the the end of a festive night, for obvious reasons.


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