The Best Burgers in Paris

Whilst hamburgers are often hailed as America's favourite national dish, it has to be admitted that nobody quite does burgers like the French. Paris is now home to some of the best gourmet burgers in the world, full of original flavours and unusual toppings, served in a variety of quirky settings.

Luckily for you, we've done some (very delicious) research to find the most mouth-watering burgers Paris has to offer.


Here are our top 5:


Blend - internationally renowned and reliably in the top 10 of pretty much every Parisian burger review out there - and for good reason! This chic monochrome restaurant offers everything from delicious classics to heavenly combinations such as smoked salmon with Philadelpia, chunky guacamole and smoked bacon, topped off with rocket for an extra kick. Not to be missed.


Le Camion Qui Fume – a highly innovative concept, and no this isn't just any old burger van – this restaurant-on-wheels turns fast food on its head. Serving 7 different types of burger for just €8.50, it's no wonder that there's sometimes a bit of a wait, although fans say it's definitely worth it. Check out the website to find out where either of the two 'camions' will be on any given day. But hurry, they sell out fast!


Big Fernand – A personal favourite and quite possibly the best burger I have ever eaten. Try 'Le Bartholomé' a scrumptious mix of burger, smoked bacon, Raclette cheese and caremelised onions, dressed with chives, homemade barbecue sauce and a good dollop of 'sauce Tata Fernand'. Whether you like them saignant or bien cuit, all burgers are pefectly cooked to order. Even veggies can't complain; 'Le Lucien' offers a tasty mushroom alternative to the traditional beef burger. And the pièce de résistance? Design your own burger! 3840 delicious possibilities. Need I say more?



Paris New-York – proud of their top-quality ingredients and ethically sourced beef, PNY have just opened a brand new restaurant at Oberkampf. The unusual décor (228 lightbulbs hang from the ceiling) and their laid-back attitude give it a fun, friendly vibe that attracts regulars and tourists alike. With a choice of 5 different options and an emphasis on their special 'Ponclet beef', the menu is small but by no means short on flavour. The 'Loaded fries' covered in melted mature cheddar and smoked bacon are well worth a try.


Bioburger – home of all things organic, Bioburger is perfect for even the most eco-friendly types. Their strong philosophy on 100% natural, environmentally sustainable products is the key to their success. From their carefully selected beef and cheese to their homemade desserts, fresh produce is always a top priority. Try their €11 menu, with a melt in the mouth fondant au chocolat or an organic beer.


And finally... a less well known extra – Studio 5 (in 5èmè arrondissement) Insider tip: for something a bit different, try the Chef's Special of the Day (e.g. goat's cheese and roasted aubergine).


Bon Appétit!


Where to find them:

Blend - 44, rue d'Argout 75002 Paris & at 1, bd de filles du Calvaire 75003 Paris

Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 12-11pm


Le Camion Qui Fume – See website for details of exact location (


Big Fernand “Poissonnière” - 55, rue Faubourg Poissonnière 75009 Paris

Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 12-2:30pm; Fri: 12-4:30pm & 7-10:30pm; Sat: 12-3pm & 7-10:30pm


Big Fernand “Montorgueil” - 32, rue du Saint-Saveur 75002 Paris

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12-2:30pm; Sat: 12-11pm; Sun 12-2:30pm & 7-10:30pm


Paris New-York (PNY) - 50, rue de Fbg St-Denis 75010 Paris

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12-3pm & 7-11:30pm; Sat: 12-4pm & 7-11:30pm; Sun: 12:30-4pm & 7-11:30pm


PNY Oberkampf – 96, rue Oberkampf 75011 Paris

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12-3pm & 7-11:30pm


Bioburger Victoire - 10, rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris

Opening hours: Mon:11:45am-3:30pm; Tues-Sat: 11:45am-3:30pm/6:30pm-10:30pm


Bioburger Choiseul – 46, passage Choiseul 75002 Paris

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11:45am-3:30pm; Sat: 12-4pm


Studio 5 - 92, Boulevard Saint Germain 75005 Paris

Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 12-11pm; Sun: 12-4pm


Author: Emily Phillips

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