March 2015

 Teaching English in France 

Author: B.James
Teaching English as a foreign language can be an immensely rewarding opportunity. As an obvious next step for graduates, or those with a touch of wanderlust, teaching abroad could allow you to explore a new country and culture on a budget. Spending an extended period of time abroad is a great way to learn valuable skills, a new language and become fully immersed in a new experience. READ MORE

 How to Practice Your French Pronunciation 

Author: B. James
You've spent a dixaine of years studying French academically. You understood the whole of Amélie by the third time you had watch it, can conjugate avoir in 12 tenses of more and can probably write an essay about France's immigration policy in your sleep, but is your spoken language up to scatch? Here isa list of embarassing pronunciation mistakes and a guide to improving your french pronunciation. READ MORE

 Paris in April 

Author: B. James
We've put together a guide to making the most of Paris in April. As the city shakes off its wintery malaise and the cafe terraces reopen their doors to balmier climes, you'll find plenty of ways to enjoy the charm of spring. Find out what Ella and Louis were singing about and check out our list! READ MORE

 10 Tips for Teaching Yourself French 

Author: B. James
French is actually one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. We anglophones have William the Conqueror and the several years of Norman occupation to thank for a third of the words in the English language. In fact English has more in common with French than any other Romance language and is a good choice if you're interested in teaching yourself a language. READ MORE