Five weird and wonderful ways to spend an evening in Paris


For centuries, the City of Light has been known for its nightlife, and the tradition continues today. But did you know that in addition to countless bars, restaurants, cinemas, and theaters, you can also find more unusual ways to spend an evening here? Here’s our list of five of them:


- Late-night rollerblading. Every Friday night, a crowd gathers from all around Paris to skate along the streets and boulevards. Sound like a dream? Pari Roller has been organizing these free, late-night skates since the mid-‘90’s, and they’re still going strong. All you need to do to participate is be able to skate well – and fast. Here’s some information about Pari Roller in English, and here’s their official site (in French).


- Museum Nocturnes. Most Parisian museums have nocturnes, one (or more) night(s) a week where they’re open late. For a majority of them, that’s until 9pm, but some, like the Centre Pompidou and the Palais de Tokyo, are open even later. Nocturnes can be a great way to beat the usual crowds, to have a romantic, unusual date, or just to get to see art and architecture in a new light. Check your favorite museum’s website for nocturne days and times.


- Crazy bars and clubs. Paris is home to lots of great bars and nightclubs, but some are weirder than others. The Batofar, that famous (docked) red boat in the Seine that doubles as a concert venue and club, is probably the most famous. But there are others to discover. For example, you could swing by the Kube Hotel’s bar, The Ice Kube. Kept at subzero temperatures, the entire place is carved from blocks of ice! If you’d like something a bit warmer, check out Le Showcase, a club that’s housed in a former boat warehouse under the beautiful Pont Alexandre III. Or head over to the 6th arrondissement, where you’ll find L’Urgence Bar, an emergency room-themed nightspot where drinks are served in baby bottles and garnished with syringes.


- Go looking for ghosts. Several companies offer nighttime ghost tours in Paris. This one seems especially popular. But maybe just hearing spooky stories isn’t enough for you. If that’s the case, you might want to check out Le Manoir de Paris, a haunted house with spooky décor and actors who will jump out at you when you least expect it! Le Manoir is open till 10pm on certain nights. You can check their hours here.


- Special late nights. While there’s always something to do late at night here, twice a year a few more options are added. Held in early October, Nuit Blanche is when art installations, late-night museum and monument openings, and more keep Parisians and visitors occupied till dawn. In May, museums that may not normally do nocturnes often take part in the Nuit des Musées (Night of Museums), letting you see your favorite works in a different way – and usually for free.


Of course, it’s not just where you go, but what you do that makes for an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s one of these activities, a drink with friends, heading to a pub to watch a football match with people from around the world, or even taking part in one of our Franglish conversation exchanges, there are tons of way to make any night in Paris a special one. Amusez-vous bien, les noctambules!/ Have fun, night owls!


Alysa is an American writer and language tutor. She lives in Paris with her antique-sword-collecting husband and their dog-like cat. Among other things, she loves language, travel, and weird historic events.

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